1st Annual Halloween Bash Thursday, October 31 2019

1st Annual Halloween Bash Thursday Oct. 31st 2019 at Campbell park (St.Pete Regional Skatepark). Starts at 6:00 pm at @anchorskatesupply with food, drinks and music. We are also holding a custom contest for prizes as well as a Tricks for Cash jam under the bridge across the street. Then at 8:00 pm hill bomb to Campbell park and meet at the skatepark for the first event, the DEATHRACE. At 9:30 pm is the start of the best trick event, which will be on a mystery obstacle. All awards will be given out at 10:30. Come get spooky. This is a FREE event!.


“The Coast is Clear” Video Premier Saturday, March 3oth

Come join next Saturday March 30 from 6pm – 9pm @anchorskatesupply for the premiere of “The Coast Is Clear” starring a all female cast of rippers presented by @thegardenskate There will be skating, food, drinks and a lot of fun! The video is filmed, edited and produced by a local female crew! Come check it out.