“9th St Lurkers Live”

Welcome BACK to MIA! This brand new video piece checks in with the Miami skate scene and finds it going strong.
After the sad news of the long time epicenter of Miami skateboarding, MIA Skate Shop, closing their doors, some may have feared that the local skate scene might slow down. But local filmer Mikey Bueso has proven that it’s still thriving as strong as ever with a thick crew of shredders still putting the streets to good use and keeping the spirit of MIA and Miami skateboarding alive. This TOA exclusive edit features a long list of shredders including: Rene Perez, John Baragwanath, Alejandro Yurrita, Mikey Higuera, Tom Rockwell, Willie Stackus, Zach Dykes, Chris Teta, Sam Shuman, Koki Loaiza, Jimmy Lannon, Richie Zuczek, Paul Deoliviera, Steve Young, Joel Meinholz, Abe Bethel, Andre Lazama, Lazaro Reyes, AJ Petit, Josh Narvaez, Julio Betancourt and Eric Torres.
Filmed and edited by Mikey Bueso


Palms Skateboard Supply | Bob Umbel Interview

Our friends over at Palms Skateboard Supply have a killer interview with Demon Seed Skateboards Pro Bob Umbel about everything from vert skating in the glory days to up-and-coming young rippers that can shred anything you put in front of them. Bob is also the main man behind the Florida Vert Series, which gets underway for 2017 in April. Check it all out HERE.